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News & Up Dates:

Jesse A. a posted Sep 13, 11
Currently Under Construction

Looking for Journalists for the News Team. All Final projects will go through site owner before being added here to the News Page. All News will be about the progress of Mods, Games, Reviews, and Interviews of Teams members and more. Qualifications will and can be entered in the Application Form, click the Recruitment Tab to Apply.

Looking For:

  •  Journalists: (Explained Above)
  • Anyone with Average (or better) ability in coding with C++, Java, and (maybe) Python.
  • And those good with 'Vavle Hammer' (Source SDK) for Any and All Source Games. Source Mods are good too.
  • Those of you in |KoH| Knights of Honor are now Automatic Alpha/Beta Testers with more exclusive Perks.


Victor M. a posted Feb 13, 14
Due to memebers leaving projects, all work has been put on HOLD.  Amount of time we will be on hold is unsure, it is however appearing to be a LONG hold.  Jess and I are in the works of setting things back in order.
Completed Games/Mods
In Progress Games/Mods
AngryNotch [Minecraft]
FutureCraft [Minecraft]
Mideval Adventure Mod [Minecraft]
Pixelmon Mod [Minecraft]
Wasteland Mod [Minecraft]
Terra - [K.G.  Game] (Title Pending)
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